What Businesses Receive

As a business owner what do I receive on Find Business Directory?


For your business to be accepted the following conditions must be met. Once this information is completed your business will be immediately added.

  • You must create an account
  • Once your account is created you need to go to My Account and
    • Add your company name
    • Add your address information
    • Add at least one category (three maximum)
    • Upload your company logo

Note: We reserve the right to remove any business that does illegal activities as this is for 100% legitimate businesses.

Common Business Questions

  • If I have multiple locations what is the cost? FREE. There is no cost for businesses to be listed on Find Business Directory. All of your business locations can also be maintained under a single account or under individual accounts.
  • What if I have no products, offers, or coupons that I want to display? There is no problem with that. :) We know that products, offers, or coupons are not always available but you should be able to advertise your business and get seen in your community. Just being listed on a professional service can help your business gain an immediate link to your website.
  • If I need help how can I get it? You can either email us at or you can use our online contact form here.
  • What if there is a feature I see missing, incomplete, or broken? Use our online contact form here and let us know about your idea or problem you are experiencing. If we feel it will benefit everyone we will add it to the list of items to be added and if it is something that needs fixed it'll be immediately worked on.
  • How can this truly be free as businesses are in the business of making money? It's simple and a concept we wish more businesses would do. We know that running a business has expenses and we feel that you shouldn't have to pay when we can use alternative means to pay for them. We do have advertising on our site which does offset all of the costs and pays for all new, future upgrades, and fixes to the system. If you want to advertise and help us grow you can do so by going to the pricing page here.
  • If I work out of my home can I still get listed? Absolutely. That's how we started after all. As long as you meet the defined requirements you will be listed on the site (company name, have an address, choose a category, and have a logo).
  • Can I remove the advertisements on my business page? Yes. You can pay a fee to do so (see our pricing page here). By removing any advertising on your page no other competitors or related businesses will show on your business page. There are footer advertisements and those cannot be removed even by paying.
  • I am a JM2 Webdesigners customer. Do I gain any special benefits? Yes you do. Being a customer of JM2 Webdesigners from Northwest Indiana you will get a free paid business listing, be rotated on the homepage, and receive some direct connections with your JM2 hosted website.
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